Client Buts….


Client: The application works by default with Oz, and there is the possibility to change to Pounds, but my formulas are in fluid Ounces , grams, Kilograms or any other. How I can enter such formulas?

  • Response: You can add your own unit in the file «», you should specify the name of the unit and the number of units proportionally to the main unit (default) . This is an example of how to add mm unit, where main unit are Ounces:



Client: We need more windows (functionality)!!!

  • Response: The software has more screens than in the web page . Screen as Alerts, foreseen sales, Analitic calculation, reports of incomings is totally available.


Client; although you have mentioned more windows I would like to add even more !!!!

  • Response: The system is simple but extensible, you can purchase a tutorial to program your new windows or even change the current ones. Moreover, you can purchase the source code to have your programmer do it for you.


Client: Wich system is necessary to run the program?

  • Response: It is made in java, every computer can run it.


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