Match 1223/2009 CE

For checking European 1223/2009 Regulation compliance or any other standard of your products,  depending on your equipment you would proceed in the following ways

  1. First way: I have a chromatograph

Therefore you can mix all substances in a bottle and check its composition. Upon the measure, you can load all the components and percentages in an excel, to later load that excels in the application in Load Analytic screen:


That analytic once loaded on the system can be checked with «Match Standard» Button. You will get the result and what component was the root of the mismatch in such case.

2. Second way: I don’t have a chromatograph

Then you will have to ask vendors for the chemical composition of the substances you are using. Once loaded all the compositions of every substance you are using, just as it was explained in the point 1 (although this excel will come from the vendors), go to «Mix Substance» screen.

That’s the place where you put all the substances you are using in the mix together.


There if you click on «Check Standard» a new window will appear calculating the current chemical composition of the mix based on the analytic of each substance involved


If you don´t have the analytic of one of the substances involved then, automatically the typical composition of the substance will be used, but the standard cannot be considered reliable, as you need the real analytic, though this process can guide you for what substance to use.

Many ingredients are currently concerned by Cosmetics Regulations No 1223/2009, in force since 2013. Between banned, restricted and authorized ingredients

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